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Boom Studio

July 14-20, 2009
California Gift Show

June 26-28,2009
Dwell On Design

November 23, 2007
The New Boom Site Launches
The new boom site is live.

Boom Design was launched in 1994 by entrepreneur and artistic mind, Craig Varterian. Though it started in the garage of his Los Angeles home with only one saw, a nail gun and a trusted Siberian Husky as his assistant, it quickly grew to become known as a force to be reckoned with in the design industry.

Embracing William Morris' Arts and Crafts movement advice "Have nothing in your home that isn't both beautiful and functional" Boom was born. We set trends, break molds and bend popular ideals of what home furnishings and decor should be. Our unique style is created by borrowing classic forms, implementing modern visualization and inspiration from nature. The end result is incomparable, innovative, original furnishings, storage and accessories to live with and love. Today Boom supplies to 38 countries, manages its own factory in Thailand, runs a retail showroom in the historic Helms Furniture District and a wholesales division in Los Angeles. The booming Southern California division is managed by Ms. Andy Ng, VP and partner. Andy has been an integral part of the development and success of Boom since its inception and has been physically engaged in the business since 2000. It is because of Craig's limitless creativity that we have produced numerous, versatile products that have stretched our distribution to include department and chain stores, specialty shops, museum stores, interior design firms, children's stores, florists, event companies and even pet stores! In addition to variety, all of these suppliers were won over by the superior materials and craftsman like quality of every Boom piece.

We believe in the big picture and attribute a large part of our growing company to the values we have upheld. We have not only supplied unique furnishings, but have done so in a manner that protects our environment. Boom's wood products are developed from trees of sustainable forests, our cast aluminum is 100% recycled, and the lacquers are all water-based. Equally important is the well-being of the special people that help make our products come to life. We do not associate with third-world manufacturers, strictly prohibit child labor, firmly enforce American labor laws in all operations and pay our Thailand staff above national rates. Because of these valuable ethics we are going fifteen plus years strong. It looks like the hard work and dedication has paid off. We hope you enjoy our products!

Boom Studio carries all of Boom's products as well as other designer products.

Boom is open 5 days a week.
Monday - Friday:10:00 - 5:00