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Item: m101
NEW - Modern Chair | $300
Available in chocolate color, this modern chair bursts to life in children’s room. It’s simple shape, and robust form perfectly in tune with their activities. To inspire youngsters with modern design, and a cherished addition to any homes.

Available Colors:
- Chocolate
Item: m103
NEW - Lucy Sectional | $690
Set of 2 - Great for kids and pets alike, this attractive sectional features great looks, and discerning design. It's available in Red Rock, Chocolate and Slate Blue. Sturdily built and microfiber fabric makes clean up a breeze. Stylish from the begining.

Available Colors:
- Red Rock - Chocolate
Item: m107
NEW - Measurement Shelf | $390
No more markings on the walls. With a magnetic measuring stick on an accent orange metal strip, have fun keeping track of your kids heights, while creating much needed organization space. Put books, toys, or anything you want on it. Witty, modern, and durable design.

Available Colors:
- White

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