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Item: 7138
Metro Multi Shelf | $715
Set of 3 - Inspired by the popular Metro Cubes, the Metro Multi is a set of 3 stacking units, each with their own interior storage spaces. Use the spaces to display your favorite pictures, candles or books and more!

Available Colors:
- Walnut
Item: 7121
Metro End Table | $279
A compact design, this end table sits comfortably next to your sofa or favorite chair. It's also perfect as a bed-side table. The interior space allows room for magazines, candles or other display, made with solid Yompa wood and chrome-plated steel legs. A Boom original!

Available Colors:
- Natural
Item: rb12
Wool Blanket Rug | $19/sq ft
Wool rugs bring warmth and drama to any room. The blanket rug features an ultra thick pile with a 'knobby' pile texture. Totally hand made: hand spun, hand dyed and hand tufted. Please contact us for available colors and sizes.

Available Colors:
- Brown - Gold - Mocha - Moss Green - Mushroom - Powder Blue - Red - Rust - Sky Blue - Tan
Item: rs09
Euro Shag rug | $30-45/sq ft
This long pile full of luster shag rug will not tangle like others. All hand made: hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven. The sheen brings out brilliance of colors and adds extreme elegance to floor and rooms. Please contact us for custom / available sizes and colors.

Available Colors:
- Black - Chocolate - Gold - Taupe - White - Tangerine - Pewter - Pasture
Item: d110
Bamboo panel / screen | $349
Be creative with your space, this modern flexible panel is made of tidy, vertical strips of bamboo. Create waves, free standing and determine to fit, ithe panel is a piece of sculpture on its own with organic shape and eco-friendly nature.

Available Colors:
- Black - Chocolate - Red - Tan
Item: 7127
Hive Cubes | $125
This one-of-a-kind shelving unit can be built into infinity. By inserting two small metal pins in each individual hive piece, it connects invisibly with the next to create an exceptionally beautiful and functional storage space. The standard hive configuration requires minimum 5 pieces. As shown 8 pieces.

Available Colors:
- White
Item: 7123
Metro Sofa table | $470
Complete your living area with this exclusive Metro Sofa Table - a combination of form, function and fashion. The clean lines and up-to-the-minute design provide elegant, graceful stability. There is plenty of center storage space for your magazines, candles or living room essentials.

Available Colors:
- White
Item: fu100
Metro Cubes | $435
Set of 4 - One of Boom's originals and customers' all time favorite. The radius corner cubes can be arranged to form a wonderful shelving unit or as individual pieces for single charm. Made of solid Yompa wood for durabilty and beauty.

Available Colors:
- White
Item: 7122
Metro Coffee Table | $385
Make a bold and styish statement with our Metro coffee table in the center of your dwelling space. Clean round lines takes the edge off any busy day. Match it with our sofa table or end table for a dynamic duo!

Available Colors:
- Natural

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